Do you procrastinate? Does hypnosis stop procrastination? I should have written this review while I’m fresh from listening to hypnosis audio that I’ve downloaded. But I’ve been absorbed in writing an article in half the time that I usually took.

I’m guilty of procrastinating. As much as I’m determined to finish my tasks, there are days where my mind paralyzes itself with excuses. The fact that I’m working at home doesn’t help either. With a workstation and a comfortable bed cramped in a room, there is a tendency to be distracted by comfort.

Also, I’ve built up habits of checking emails or glancing at the phone each time an alert pops up. It’s distracting, and in the end, nothing gets done.

Eventually, stress and frustration builds-up, followed by a sense of regret for procrastinating. If this sounds very like you, you’ll want to read what I’ve discovered in the hypnosis audio that I downloaded hours ago.

Overcome Procrastination Hypnosis Review

Hypnosis For Procrastination

  • Product Name: Overcome Procrastination 
  • Company: New Way Productions Ltd.
  • Website:
  • Price: $14.99 (Download)/ $22.49 (CD with Free Shipping)
  • Rating: 5.0 (out of 5)
  • Refund Policy: 90 days

The site SelfHypnosis was owned by New Way Productions Ltd, a company that develops high-quality hypnosis programs since 2002. The company started producing self-hypnosis audio targeting areas like smoking, insomnia, and deep relaxation before eventually having 175 titles of hypnosis audio.

In the early days, most of the hypnosis audio was created by Barrie St. John, a certified hypnotherapist associated with the British Association of Therapeutic Hypnosis and other recognized bodies. The company eventually increased its team of hypnotherapists with Donna Lee, a certified hypnotist joining in 2008, and Timothy Rowe and Deborah Dewey in recent years.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll notice that I’ve developed a special interest in hypnosis and it has helped me in other areas of my life. I’ve been noticing how procrastination is starting to get in my way, particularly when I’m feeling lethargic in the morning.

Mental fatigue, especially when I’ve not been sleeping well, starts getting in the way of my work. Tasks got delayed as I’m convinced that I’m too tired to write anything for my clients. If hypnosis could help me with building self-esteem, surely it could remove these procrastinating thoughts in my subconscious mind.

I’ve been aware of the SelfHypnosis website for a while, but it’s the first time I’m trying out its hypnosis audio.

My Experience With Overcome Procrastination Hypnosis

I wouldn’t want to go in detail into what hypnosis is all about. If you’ve never gone through a hypnosis session and you think that hypnosis is about letting someone into your head, you ought to read this article.

With that aside, let’s dive deeper into my experience with this specific hypnosis audio.

At the purchase page, you’ll get the option to select hypnotist for the audio from either Barrie St John or Deborah Dewey. I chose the latter without any specific reasons. You could pay with a credit card or Paypal to get access to the audio download or MP3.

After downloading the hypnosis audio, together with Hypnosis guide PDF, I plugged my headphones on and started playing the track.

I was expecting a classic hypnosis session, but I’m greatly mistaken and in a good way.

The hypnosis kicks off with the calming voice of Deborah Dewey, stating the expectation on the session before commencing the session. I was guided by the voice of Deborah to enter into a relaxing and calming state.

Unlike, typical hypnosis track, Deborah is narrating the hypnosis script with soothing, oriental-like background music. I’m not sure if it’s using binaural beats, but it helps to calm the mind further before the real hypnosis begins.

Besides the background music, Deborah’s narration is occasionally interlaced with softer suggestions that are also narrated by her. I’m no hypnotist, but I believe it helps to get the suggestions deeper into the subconscious mind.

I lost track of time, but I believe Deborah spent 5-10 minutes in helping me to get into a deep hypnotic trance. I felt the familiar sense of relaxation but with my senses being more alert than usual.

It was then where Deborah professionally introduced specific suggestions that tie taking action now into rewarding feelings. These suggestions were repeated in various manners as I was deep in the hypnotic trance.

Does Listening To The Hypnosis Audio Help With Procrastination?

After the session end, I experience a clear, definite change in my state of mind. Before the hypnosis session, my mind was in a sluggish state due to mental fatigue. I could barely hold a thought for a few seconds before being punctured by other distractive thoughts.

The hypnosis audio ensures that my mind remains in focus. But what’s more important is that I’m able to brush off distracting habits, such as checking emails or the smartphone when I’m working on my task.

It was a pure 3 hours of work without giving away to any distractions.

Somehow, the suggestion that ‘other things can wait‘ is deeply etched in my subconscious mind. It was 9 hours since I’ve listened to the audio, and yet, the same focus remains as I’m writing this review.

This hypnosis audio is one of the most effective that I’ve used in terms of effectiveness and clarity. It wasn’t surprising as Deborah Dewey is an experienced clinical hypnotherapist now serving in Hong Kong.

With that said, you’ll need to use the hypnosis audio regularly to make permanent changes in your subconscious. I’ve experienced how the initial effect of hypnosis could wear off, and I’ll slip into the bad habit again.

Why I’m Not Using Hypnosis on Youtube for Procrastination

I’ve tried hypnosis on Youtube, but for general purposes for focus and sleep. The truth is, most of the hypnosis audio on Youtube doesn’t work for me. Or they are not as effective as what I’ve expected.

Some of the Youtube hypnosis clips spent too little time on inducing the hypnotic trance, leaving the subsequent suggestions uneffective. I’ve also come across clips where it’s hard to follow the enunciation of the narrator.

It will be a waste of time if you spend 15 minutes into hypnosis on Youtube only to realize it’s not working.

I’m not saying all Youtube hypnosis is bad, but I don’t have the luxury of time to hunt for one that works. I’ll rather pay a reasonable amount for hypnosis audio that is recorded by professionals and with high chances to work.

Overcome Procrastination Hypnosis – Pros & Cons

Hypnosis For Procrastination Review

A quick glance into what I like and dislike about this hypnosis audio.


  • Clearly enunciated narration script by Deborah Dewey.
  • Soothing background music that helps relaxation.
  • Use of audio technology to interlace hypnotic suggestion.
  • It works to improve focus and stop procrastination.
  • Affordable and with 90 days money-back guarantee.
  • Helps to overcome mental fatigue (in my case)


  • [I really can’t think of any, hence the 5-star rating]

Do You Need This Hypnosis Audio For Overcoming Procrastination?

It depends on how bad you procrastinate in life and what you’ve tried to overcome it. It’s one thing to understand the need to focus and get the jobs done. But bad habits take root under your nose, and when you realize that you’re flipping the phone every couple of minutes, it’s hard to get it out of your system.

The same applies when your mind starts offering hundreds of excuses for not getting started on your work. When the urgency of the deadline fails to motivate you to keep going, you ought to consider getting this hypnosis audio.

Also, listening to this hypnosis audio will be helpful if:

  • You are stressed out.
  • You hope to get a deep sleep.
  • You’re new to hypnosis. (It’s hard NOT to get hypnotized by Deborah)
  • You’ve tried dozens of hypnosis on Youtube, and they did nothing on your procrastination.

Bottom Line

This hypnosis by is by far the best that I’ve tried. It even triumphed the other hypnosis track that I’ve reviewed a few years back. I’ll be sure to check out more hypnosis audio from the site.

If you’re still struggling to break the procrastination spell, I suggest that you try it out now. Here’s the link again. 

I seriously hope that it will be effective in helping you to focus, as it did to me.