I’ve been getting frequent requests for guest posting.

Yes. I do accept guest posts that are relevant to the topics of this blog. If you can write valuable posts on mindfulness, meditation, social anxiety, or any relevant mental wellness topics, you’re more than welcome to contact me about guest posting on MindfulnessDojo.com.

Here is a general guideline of your article.

– The article must be unique and at least 800 words.
– It has to be informational and not promotional.
– A backlink to¬†guest author’s website is allowed but not for promotional products/contents.
– Every medical claim in the article must be cited to the source.
I’m going to tighten the editorial requirements for guest posting. Please read below:
1. If you’re guest-posting on medical-related articles/advice/know-how, I’ll need for you to present me your relevant credentials. That means if you want to write about anxiety/depression, you have to be a doctor to start with.
2. While I’m ok with including a link-back to your site, I expect your website to be well-established. I will NOT link back to suspicious/poor-quality sites.
3. If all you’re after is a backlink to your site, I’m not interested in publishing.
I receive guest-post requests on a daily basis. I apologize if I can’t reply to everyone. Here’s what you should include in your email to increase your chance of getting accepted
  • The topic of your guest post.
  • An outline of the content is appreciated
  • Relevant credentials.
  • Links to your published articles.

If I’m interested in the topic, I’ll reply within 1-2 days, else I’m sorry but you can assume I’m giving it pass.

Also, I reserve the right to review, approve or reject our final draft after it’s submitted.