Chamomile tea is a common tea that has the unmistaken earthy, flowery taste that brings comfort. It’s also one of the best bedtime teas that brings a good night of slumber.

Why Chamomile Tea Helps You To Sleep

You may wonder why chamomile tea is so effective in calming down your mind and help you sleep easily. The answer is a very scientific one. Chamomile tea contains flavonoid, that possesses a tranquilizing effect on the brain.

A clinical study has highlighted the sleep-inducing quality of chamomile tea where 10 cardiac patients fall into 90 minutes of deep sleep after being given chamomile tea. This is why chamomile tea is a favorite bed-time tea for those who struggle with sleep disorders.

The fact that it is caffeine-free also means your heart is not pumping crazily as you struggle during bedtime. While this may not be scientific, the process of making chamomile tea or tea ritual can also slow down your thoughts.

Health Benefits Of Chamomile Tea

It’s not all about sleep when chamomile tea is concerned. For thousands of years, chamomile tea has been used to improve various aspects of health.

Here are more reasons for you to make chamomile tea your favorite bedtime tea.

  • Reduce indigestions issues – If you frequently suffer from bloating and gas, a cup of chamomile tea will make you feel better
  • Reduce stress and anxiety – Chamomile tea is a great natural remedy for stress and anxiety. It helps your brain to increase the production of serotonin and melatonin, both important in calming down your mind.
  • Improve skin health-  Rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile tea can be applied topically to the skin. Besides softening your skin, it also helps in skin issues like eczema.

Side Effects Of Chamomile Tea

While chamomile is safe for most people, it can cause allergic reactions like throat swelling or breathing difficulty to people who are allergic to the daisy species. Although this doesn’t occur frequently, you should avoid chamomile if you’re allergic to these natural plants.

  • chamomile
  • marigolds
  • daisies
  • chrysanthemums
  • ragweed

Chamomile is also known to contain a blood-thinning compound called coumarin. Although the presence of coumarin in a cup of chamomile tea is insignificant, it may cause complications when taken with anticoagulant drugs.

While there are no conclusive studies on the effects of chamomile on pregnant ladies or breastfeeding mum, you should always consult your doctors before taking chamomile tea in such a scenario.

Where To Buy Chamomile Tea

There are probably hundreds of chamomile tea brands locally or when you search online. But it’s hard to pick high-quality brands that are fresh and effective for sleep. The best way to check out the claims made by the brands is through feedbacks left by customers.

This is why Amazon has always been my favorite place to shop for chamomile tea. You can read all the favorable and critical reviews left by hundreds of users before you decide on a certain brand. You’ll also have lesser worries on returns or exchanges if the condition of the chamomile tea you received is not as promised.

Here are our top picks. 

How To Make A Perfect Up Of Chamomile Tea

You don’t have to be an expert brewer to make a cup of chamomile tea. Just follow these few steps:

  • Place the tea bag in the bottom of your cup.
  • Pour boiled hot water over the tea bag.
  • Allow it to steep for 5 minutes to get the rich flavor of Chamomile.
  • (optional) Add a few drops of honey or a slice of lemon for taste.

Drink up when it’s hot and you’ll find your mind calming down gradually and sleep beckons soon.