If you are into the Law of Attraction, you have probably heard about the 55×5 method of manifestation.

This ancient technique combines affirmations and journalism to help us focus on our goals and attract experiences that bring them into reality.

It simply involves writing down your objectives as a positive statement 55 times for five days in a row.

This article explains in detail how this 55×5 Manifesting Affirmations technique works.

What is the 55×5 manifestation method?

As we mentioned early, the 55×5 manifestation method works the following way; once you are clear on your desire, write it down on a piece of paper as if you already had it 55 times.

Let’s say you want to get a job at a specific law firm. Instead of writing “I would love to work for this firm,” write “I work at the XXX law firm.” Remember that the law of attraction always states that the Universe does not distinguish the physical from the mental plane, so writing your desire as fulfilled will attract its manifestation.

Then, do this same practice for five days in a row and watch how the magic of manifestation finds you.

However, it requires some changes in your mindset and consistent action to make them happen, so read on to discover the secrets to mastering this method.

How 55×5 supports manifestation practices?

This technique aims to transform your inner dialogue, that voice rooted in your subconscious that rules your behavioral patterns, thinking process, and approach to reality.

It reprograms your mindset to focus on achieving your objectives faster through conscious action.

The 55×5 is not miraculous by itself. It requires you to work on changing your limiting thoughts and beliefs to attract more positive opportunities your way.

Don’t expect that writing your wish 55 times will be enough to turn your life around. Manifestation is a process of deep transformation and needs you to do your part to activate it.

How to perform 55×5 manifestation

All you need to master this technique is to have a pen, a piece of paper, and a deep urge to transform your life.

Here are a few simple steps you can follow to help you manifest abundance, love, success, and anything else you wish and deserve in your life.

Set Your Intentions

The first step is to establish the desire you want to manifest. Try to make it as specific and short as possible. For example, if you’re going to manifest a house, you can write, “I love my new 2-floor house.”

Be specific and don’t go into the details, such as the size of the kitchen and such. This is exactly how you should write your objectives in this exercise: positive affirmations with your personal touch.

Start Writing

Once you know what you want and turn this desire into a positive affirmation, write it down 55 times a day for five days in a row.

Doing this part of the process for exactly five days is crucial to manifesting your dreams into reality.

Please don’t change your affirmation or the words involved in it. Keep it the same to make the process easier.

Changing the words will send ambiguous signs to the Universe, which could hinder the manifestation.

Let it Go

This is as important as the other parts of the process. Once the five days are over, you must trust the Universe and let go of your desires.

If you are anxiously awaiting their arrival, you will send signals of doubt and insecurities to the Universe, thus attracting situations that create obstacles to your manifestation.

You have to keep yourself in a state of abundance as if all your desires are already fulfilled. In other words, the longing is no longer there because you already have what you want.

If you find it hard to reach this mindset, just forget about your desire altogether and distract yourself with any other activity in your life. This will prevent you from sending negative signals during this magical process.

Why 55×5 manifestation technique might not work for you?

Although this method is pretty straightforward, you should be aware of a couple of things.

First of all, remember that the 55×5 technique is not a magic wand that grants all your wishes instantly. It’s a tool that supports the law of attraction and manifestation practices, a process that is so much more than the 55×5 method.

The ultimate purpose of manifestation is to make us aware of our vibrational energy and change our subconscious programming to attract better opportunities in our lives.

Manifesting material resources, love, success, fun, etc., requires more than writing your desires on paper. It needs your conscious and consistent effort to align your actions to your intention and unclog the stream of abundance in your life.