You’ve done weeks of affirmations, creative visualization, and gratitude journal, but somehow, you can’t seem to attract what you want. What has gone wrong with the Law of Attraction? For some reason, it seems that LOA is not working for you despite all the success stories you’ve heard.

If there’s any consolation, you’re not alone. Many LOA practitioners, including me, have difficulty manifesting our desires initially. Often, our effort was hindered by obstacles that throw the LOA equation out of the window.

Days of LOA practices equal nothing, or sometimes, negative results.

Law of Attraction is about aligning the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical dimensions. If these elements are not in harmony, LOA doesn’t work.

So, run through this list and find out if you’re experiencing one of the common LOA blocks.

1. Obsessing On The Result.

Most LOA courses will ask you to focus on what you want. There’s nothing wrong with creating visual boards and writing down your goals or doing some creative visualization every day.

But there is a thin boundary between keeping a healthy focus and developing a desperate obsession with manifesting our desires.

The latter comes with a tight desperate feeling  along the line of “Why am I still not getting the promotion” instead of “How can I make myself more productive at work“,

When you have set your goals and made plans, follow through and make amendments if necessary, but keep your mind free from being obsessed with the goals. Desperation produces negative energy that is bound to push your goals further away.

Approach your LOA practices with a knowing mindset that what you wish for is already on its way. It’s the same feeling that you know you’ll be getting a check in your mailbox because the sender has already posted it.

2. Consistency… Or the lack of it.

Going hot and cold in your daily LOA practice is equally bad as not aligning yourself positively to your goals.

Imagine if you are telling your boss that you are aiming for that year-end promotion (and hopefully a big fat bonus) and promising to back it up with solid action. You start doubling your work rate for a couple of weeks but lose your momentum during the third.

Your boss probably won’t be looking over your shoulder every single minute, but it all shows in the result.

The same goes for the Law Of Attraction. You start your morning with some positive affirmation, visualization, or meditation. Or whatever your coach told you to do.

You repeat that for a couple of weeks and just because you don’t see any positive changes coming around, you slack off for a day or two.

How do you think the universe will respond if you are not consistent in your LOA routine?

Let your message be clear and consistent. Use mindfulness to ward off doubtful thoughts and stay focused on your energy Don’t let the poor universe feel confused with the mix of messages and energy that you are sending.

3. Ignoring The Subtle Signs

Some people picked up LOA to manifest wealth in their life. Others probably resort to LOA for that little bit of luck in the love department. Some may be trying to bring better health into their life.

It doesn’t matter what are you manifesting or trying to achieve. Sometimes it takes a few smaller steps to get to your destination.

If you are trying to aim for the big break in your business, don’t sit there only hoping for the biggest deal to fall in. Instead, take note when of small but meaningful opportunities that connect the dots to larger goals.

For example, if you’re attracting a promotion, don’t ignore upskilling courses that come along your way. Those are opportunities that increase your market value, which helps in getting a raise.

Same thing if you are getting LOA to work in finding the right partner or salvaging a damaged relationship. Don’t expect things to change overnight. But do keep a lookout for the small little things that will get to your goals and wishes.

The universe has a knack for sending you your desires in unexpected manners. Be alert.

4. You Don’t Take Massive Action.

There are some people who think that the Law Of Attraction is about feeling good, daydreaming, and hoping for heaven-sent miracles. Law of Attraction happens in several dimensions. If you don’t take physical action, then you can’t manifest what you want physically.

Probably the word manifestation itself has brought many misconceptions on the Law Of Attraction. Maybe it gives the impression that LOA is about writing your desires every day and hoping that it becomes reality.

No. Law Of Attraction is a creative way of tuning your mindset and energy that greatly aligns you towards getting what you want. But that only happens when you take massive action after the path has been set.

If you are only satisfied with imaginary wealth or health, then you can stop at all those visualization stuff. Remember that LOA is about shifting your energy. When you put energy in the emotional realm, you manifest in the emotional realm.

If you want physical manifestation (money, health, or a soulmate), then you should start making an effort in the physical realm.

5. Limiting Subconscious Beliefs.

The only person who could stop us from manifesting is ourselves. Or rather, our subconscious self. The subconscious has a tremendous influence on every conscious we made.

If you’ve grown up believing that money is the root evil, you’ll subconsciously avoid making more money, even if you could. The subtle voice in your mind will dissuade you from opportunities, under the pretext that you already have enough and you don’t need more.

Therefore, if you want LOA to work, you need to change your subconscious beliefs, particularly limiting and self-sabotaging ones.

Changing your subconscious beliefs cannot be done intellectually, such as by listening to podcasts or watching videos. This is because your conscious mind is dominant most of the waking time and prevents efforts to retrain the subconscious mind.

The best way to rewire your subconscious beliefs for LOA is to undergo hypnosis specific to the purpose. For example, hypnosis to attract wealth that eliminates false money beliefs that you’ve been stuck with for ages.

Over To You.

I may have missed out on some important points on why the law of attraction isn’t working. Do you have more to share?  Does the Law Of Attraction work for you?

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