People are generally divided when topics regarding the subconscious mind are mentioned. While some are outright skeptics, others may start seeing truth into the workings of the mind that is beyond our intellect comprehension.

Questions like ‘is the subconscious mind real?’ and if it is, ‘how does the subconscious work’ is often asked by individuals keen on harnessing its potential.

Does The Subconscious Mind Exist?

The topic of the subconscious mind seems to be getting more traction in recent years. There are two aspects of the subconscious mind that seems to receive conflicting opinions amongst the public.

Most people would agree that the subconscious mind exists in the manner of regulating our breath, generating heartbeats and even partially automating physical actions such as driving. Remember the occasions when you arrived at the destination without remembering out you get there as you’re engrossed in thoughts?

That’s your subconscious mind helping you out.

What most people can’t agree on is the notion that the subconscious is more than a primitive function of the brain that automates certain functions or thoughts of humans. For some individuals, the subconscious mind allows them to expand their potential as a human being and perform acts that have never been thought possible.

While the subconscious mind’s existence and function remain hard to be proven, scientists have generally agreed on the presence of a subconscious mind that is superior to its conscious counterpart. 

How Does The Subconscious Mind Work

How Does The Subconscious Mind Work

While the subconscious mind works in a mysterious way, humans have, to an extent, gained insight into parts of subconscious mind’s characteristics. An element of the subconscious mind that is becoming more obvious is that its behavior in storing your thoughts and beliefs.

Think of the subconscious mind as a huge squeegee sponge that is hidden beneath those conscious, intellectual thoughts. When you’re exposed to ideas, words or actions during your growth, those memories started to grow into beliefs in your subconscious mind.

The process of planting thoughts in your subconscious mind works without your knowledge. It just happened. Over the years or decades, these subconscious beliefs influence your day-to-day thoughts, decisions, and actions.

And when you carried out actions that are influenced by your subconscious mind, the beliefs are strengthened. This explains why some people are stuck in a spiral even when they have tried various strategies to move forward in life.

Besides thoughts and beliefs, the subconscious mind also stores negative emotions that you’ve failed to channel off over time. Guilt, grudge, regrets, and grief can be subconsciously stored and manifest in different acts in your life.

You Have Power Over Your Subconscious Mind

At a glance, it seems that the subconscious mind is a huge blanket that covers the conscious thoughts that left us powerless. However, humans have proven that we have as much power to reprogram the subconscious mind just as it has a hold over our conscious thoughts.

The Law of Attraction is one idea that is based around harnessing the power of the subconscious mind. It generally involves creative visualization and positive affirmation to connect to the subconscious mind and rewire its internal beliefs.

Hypnosis is also a way to connect to your subconscious mind and enable learning at a greater pace. When the subconscious mind is no longer clouded by conscious thoughts, learning takes place at the deepest level.

Notice that both Law of Attraction and hypnosis share something in common. They both involve visualization with different techniques. In a way, creating mental images helps you to knock on the door of the subconscious mind and joyful emotions push you through.

That’s why gratitude is an important element when practicing the Law of Attraction.

Intuition Hacking With The Subconscious Mind

While the notion of subconscious beliefs has been used by therapists to treat addiction and mental health issues, attention is turned to another aspect of the subconscious mind, i.e. intuition.

Intuition or gut feeling is not merely coincidental hunches. Scientists have managed to prove that intuition is an unconscious force that can be leveraged to guide us better in our life, often to better results.

It works well with the Law of Attraction, where you can tap into your power of intuition to guide you in the right direction in achieving your vision. Again, turning to your intuition for guidance isn’t a modern-day concept.

Napoleon Hill, the famous author of Think Rich Grow Rich, has cited intuition as one of the key elements of success observed in successful people. Of course, the term used may differ but the act of reaching out into the intuition remain the same when practiced decades or centuries ago.

The Subconscious Mind Works Regardless Of Your Belief

The law of gravity works even if you don’t believe in it. The same applies to your subconscious mind. In the past, I would dismiss concepts like the subconscious mind and foolishly assume that conscious intellectual power is superior.

It wasn’t until I keep stumbling in my doings that I realized that my subconscious mind has been influencing every thought with beliefs that are planted during my childhood. But realizing the existence of the subconscious mind isn’t enough to progress and move towards your goal.

You’ll need to master the technique to tune in to your subconscious mind and bend reality in favor of you.

Do you believe in the power of the subconscious mind? Share your thoughts in the comment below.