How "Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind" Shattered My Money BeliefsI have one regret after completing Harv Eker’s The Spiritual Laws Of Money online course. It’s my failure to read through his best-selling book, Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind at least twice, before signing up.

Then again, I only realized the existence of this book after checking out Harv Eker’s website upon completing my course. But why the regret?

Simply because this book lays the foundation of this course and I believe his other programs as well. I would have been able to absorb and learn better from the online course had I read this book prior.

For the skeptical ones.

I know you’re probably tired of reading how-I-made-myself-millionaire books with nothing but theories and over-exaggerated stories.

Trust me, I am too.

I’ve been shying away from authors like Robert Kiyosaki (sorry Kiyosaki fans) and programs that do nothing except getting you to set goals and create vision boards again and again.

It simply doesn’t work.

Simply because they lacked the two important missing elements; taking massive action and changing your subconscious beliefs.

And that’s what the “Secret of the Millionaire Mind” is all about. It’s not your secret spellbook to make money fall from the sky, but a practical reading that explores your money beliefs and some useful action guide to address them.

If hearing the word ‘money‘ or ‘rich‘ triggers some negative emotions in you, then you really should spend some time reading the book. You may find that you are subconsciously pushing away opportunities of wealth that are right in front of you.

Reading “Secret Of A Millionaire Mind” Shattered These 5 Money Beliefs.

You probably came across some of these in other articles, and they may sound pretty logical to you. But understanding intellectually is very different from having these beliefs shattered and replaced with more conducive ones within yourself.

Of course, there are more to this book, but uprooting these 5 beliefs made a permanent and lasting change in me.

1. Giving Is Better Than Receiving

How "Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind" Shattered My Money BeliefsI thought Harv Eker must be crazy when he was writing on this particular topic. After all, most of us are brought to believe that giving is nobler of the two. That’s the message our parents and teachers has been drumming into our brain during our childhood.

But he continues to explain that giving is NEITHER better nor worse than receiving and they are in fact both sides of the same coin.

Simply proclaiming that giving is better than receiving is just like saying that light is better than dark, or hot is better than cold.

But what’s worse is that having this belief stuck in your subconscious mind made you feel unworthy every time you are given an opportunity to receive.

And guess what, if you’re not willing to receive then the opportunities goes to the next person who’s more willing to do so. That’s how the universe work in an unbias way.

The next time you feel that life is short changing you, do a quick check if you’re still feeling that it’s better to give than receive.

2. Money Is Not Important

Love is. Friendship is. Happiness is.

That’s a common belief that we all have, right?

Well, they all are. Money is as important as love, friendship, family, happiness, or anything that’s high on your priority list now.

You obviously can’t pay your bills with love or laugh your way out of your debt. Being friends with the cashier doesn’t mean you get to shop for free.

When you say “money is not important”, you are subconsciously putting money at the bottom of your priority. When something is not important to you, do you think you’ll put as much effort in caring and managing them?

No. You won’t.

Think of what would happen when you say “relationship is not important“. You’ll forget anniversaries, neglect the feelings of your the other half and soon, you may find that you’ll be celebrating Valentine alone.

I know this is harsh, but we need to understand that money is an important tool that gives us more options in life and helping others.

3. Rich People Are Greedy, Corrupt, Dishonest and so on…

How "Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind" Shattered My Money BeliefsBut think about it. Crime rates are increasing in communities that are not doing so well financially. And to be fair, some of the rich and mighty are being nabbed for corrupt practices.

The fact is, you’ll find good and bad people irrespective of their income and net worth.

The biggest mistake we made is when we associate rich people to negative traits like greed, corruption, or stealing from the poor.

You can’t attract what you negate subconsciously. This subconscious belief will translate into actions that made your wealth acquiring process a frustrating one.

You’ll find yourself struggling to break the annual fifty thousand dollars income because your subconscious mind whispered that “rich people are greedy“.

Or simply screw up on your five hundred thousand dollar deals.

But if you can view money as only a neutral tool, just like a paintbrush to an artist, you’ll find yourself unshackled from this sabotaging money belief.

There are people who are greedy, and there are those who are kind and generous. It has nothing to do whether they are rich or poor. As Harv Eker puts it, “Money only made you more of who you are”.

Are you a kind and generous person? Why do you think you will turn into a nasty snob when you have a million dollar in your account tomorrow?

4. You Can’t Have Money AND Happiness,

Or money and love.

Or money and friendship.

Remember the saying “Money doesn’t buy happiness”? Well, try being happy when you are going broke and having a family to feed.

You CAN have money and happiness or whatever you wish in your life.

It’s just that our subconscious mind is programmed to make money and other important things mutually exclusive that we tend to sacrifice one for the other.

No wonder sometimes our life’s a mess.

In the Secret Of A Millionaire Mind, you’re challenged to think differently and creatively how not to give up one for the other in your life.

It is not easy, but things that are worthwhile are never easy.  Don’t you think so?

5. You have to work hard to make money.

How "Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind" Shattered My Money Beliefs

Well, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this statement.

If you’re hoping for money to fall from the sky after reading the  Secret Of A Millionaire Mind or attending a few of Harv Eker’s courses, you’ll be greatly disappointed.

Because Harv Eker himself emphasizes that “Abundance Is Your Birthright But Wealth Is Not“. If anything, his books and courses are all about taking action in the end.

You’ll have something to work on at the end of each section, and that’s what he expects you (and I) to work on in our real life.

But here’s the thing, while working hard is important to bring in a healthy amount of income, most of us do not realize that our money needs to work hard for us too, or ideally much harder than we work for them.

This could mean investment or anything that would generate your income without you trading your time. In Harv Eker’s book, he explained his 6 Jars system when you designate a Financial Freedom Account to gradually get you out of the rat race.

The Taking Action Part

If you’re still with me, I trust that you are having some of these beliefs within you and you’re catching up to the fact at how they are sabotaging your wealth building process.

How "Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind" Shattered My Money BeliefsWhile I’ll say that Harv Eker’s programs are a class of its own, I strongly suggest that you check out his book Secret Of A Millionaire Mind first, before signing on to any his programs. It’s like a proper induction before going for the heavy stuff.

Or if you can just simply pick up the book for a refreshing view on your wealth beliefs.

As for me, I’m revisiting The Spiritual Laws Of Money again.

Do you spend some time to examine your money beliefs, when you just couldn’t achieve your financial goals despite trying every single method or programs that you can get? Share your story with me.