How I Literally Got Hypnotized Watching A Stage Hypnosis Show

You could be shaking your head disbelief but yes, I got myself hypnotized while watching one of the most amazing hypnosis show a few weeks ago.  If you have no idea what a stage hypnosis is, do a quick google search and check out if there are any performance in your local area. Grab a ticket and show up.

You’ll get a good laugh and probably slightly hypnotized even if you didn’t end up as one of the ‘stage comedians‘. If you’re hypnotized even so slightly, you’ll leave the show feeling pretty energetic, recharged and fresh.

How I Got Literally Hypnotized Watching A Stage Hypnosis Show
Credits to Magician Cody Tan @ Deception Magic Show

That’s what I felt, after being invited by one of the most talented young magician in my country, Cody Tan, to his recent mind-bending theatrical performance and what I believe the first ever live stage hypnosis in Malaysia.

The Misconception On Hypnosis

If you’ve never been hypnotized and has been relying on TV shows for your ideas of what hypnosis is, rest assured that it has NOTHING to do with

  • staring at a swinging stopwatch
  • falling asleep or dropping unconscious
  • having someone gaining control of your mind.

I don’t blame you for believing these popular myths of hypnosis, as I could recall my first hypnosis session via Youtube turn out to be an unfounded fear of having my mind messed out, only to find deep relaxation and calm later.

And if you need further assurance, just take note that you can’t be hypnotized if you are not willing to.

“One, Two, Three and Sleep”

A common phrase uttered by hypnotists before the subjects seems to fall asleep, except they are not. If anything, you’re in a super-attentive state, with your mind filtering out all other noises and only focusing on the hypnotist’s voice and words.

Some called it a trance state. But not those where you have no control over your thoughts and action. Being hypnotized is different. You are fully conscious and aware that you are in a different state of mind.

You may find that people being hypnotized performed sometimes ridiculous or funny action when suggested by the hypnotist. Make no mistake. These people could easily choose not to. There is no magical bond that links their mind to the hypnotist.

What Trickery Of The Mind Is This?

I’m no hypnotist myself, nor am I an expert on this subject. It’s just that I’m extremely interested in the working of the mind and the effect that hypnosis has on us.

No. I don’t think hypnosis is any form of black magic or mumbo-jumbo stuff. I believe that it is pretty scientific, although there is still no conclusive study as on how it works exactly.

The next time you listen to a hypnosis track, do pay attention to the choice of words and the style and intonation used to read out the script. This pattern of words conjure mental images and the illusion of being relaxed, and in a safe and secure zone.

Hypnosis is what I believe, a technique that lures the analytical mind or the left brain to sleep, and leaves the imaginative and creative part of the mind awake.

How I Got Hypnotized When I’m Just Merely Watching A Show?

The thing with hypnosis is that if you have a strong focus and follow the words of the hypnotist, you’ll feel the hypnotic effect, even if you are not being directly hypnotized.

How I Got Literally Hypnotized Watching A Stage Hypnosis Show

I was sitting in the very last row of a fully packed theater and was definitely enjoying the show with an open mind. As magician Cody Tan begins to induce the comedians into a hypnotic state, I felt my mind drawn towards his words, and soon, drifting into my own ‘zone‘.  (You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve been hypnotized before).

I walked away from this show of mind-bending feat and live hypnosis in a much calmer and refreshed state than I was before I enter the theater.  I couldn’t wait for the next one.

But I Have To Live With The After-Effect.

No, I didn’t suffer any short-term memory loss.

But I did feel less of a nagging backache that has been bothering me for weeks. I also developed a very strong focus that lasts for almost a week.

You may claim that this is only a placebo effect. Or merely an illusion of my own mind.

Well, you’re definitely right. Hypnosis is no magic as much as meditation is. It’s just a systematic method to put our over-analytical and defensive mind into hibernation while letting the imaginative and passionate parts of our mind to shine.

Parts that we have forgotten we possessed, shoved to the corner by the constant fear of failures and limiting beliefs imposed on us.

Hypnosis is just a tool to rediscover what we already had within. The magical spark of brilliance that we once had as a child.

Should You Be Hypnotized?

How I Got Literally Hypnotized Watching A Stage Hypnosis Show

The right question is why do you want to be hypnotized? Hypnosis, when practiced under a proven therapeutic procedure, can be pretty effective in treating mental and physical disorders. But you can also use hypnosis to remove bad habits or plant good ones.

Again, it’s not something magical. You’ve been hypnotizing yourself every single day. When you failed a project, did you curse and blame or say “there’s plenty to learn from this” in a positive manner? Repeat the behavior over time, you’ll find yourself automatically react in a way to situations.

Changing your habits with hypnosis does just the same, only in a quicker way through a systematic method.

If you want to get a taste of what hypnosis is like, there are plenty of hypnosis clips on Youtube, but you may find hours just to identify a good one. Or you can check out this hypnosis track which I personally used.

And do check out my blog regularly as I’ll be exploring more on hypnosis in the coming few months.

Over To You

Do you believe that hypnosis is just a scientific way to bring your mind into an altered state of consciousness? Or do you still perceive hypnosis as a mysterious practice influenced by cults and black magic? Share your view with me in the comment below.

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  1. Hmm, I’m not sure if I want to be hypnotized at this point. But I guess if I’m actually watching a live show like you did, I am game to try it. Yes, tv shows would have one believe that hypnosis allows a person’s mind to be fully under the other person’s control. Thanks for clearing up that misconception.


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