Attract Abundance – Changeworks Hypnosis Review

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Attract Abundance – A Guided Meditation Review

I am a fan of meditation, energy clearance and Law of Attraction and has been amazed on how these practices brought changes to our life, at least of my own to a certain degree. Continuing my journey in building a better and more positive self, I was browsing for guided meditation programs where this caught my eyes. In one of my previous post, I mentioned that to amplify Law Of Attraction, we need to have our mental blocks to be cleared. What resides in our subconscious mind is powerful enough to affect the energy that we radiate and thus, influencing what we attract in the process.

In its website, Attract Abundance is described as engaging the Law of Attraction with our subconscious mind. I am curious to learn and experience the new depth it will bring to me. By reading its description alone and also based on my previous meditation and energy clearance experience, I am hoping to enjoy the following immediate benefits from it :

  • Quick calming of the mind
  • Increased level of positive energy
  • New visualization experience.

And at an affordable price of USD17.97, and unconditional guarantee (as stated at its website) I purchased it without further hesitation. Well, I was indeed given a pleasant surprise as it comes with a complimentary eBook “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life” which contains practical information and exercise as we worked towards attracting those that we positively desired. 

Calming the agitated mind in 5 minutes.

Prior to trying out on the Attract Abundance guided meditation, I was sleep deprived for a few days, burdened with a high level of stress, and mentally fatigued. I suppose there is no better time to try out a new meditation program. I plugged on the headphones and started the program with an open mind.

I would say within the first 2 minutes, the blurry high tempo thoughts in my mind are slowed down and within 5 minutes, I am guided to a relaxing state for the mind and body in a non-trance hypnosis manner. It is amazing to observe the mind relaxes followed by the easing of the tensed body.

energyhealingSowing Seeds of Gratitude with Guided Visualization

With the mind being in a calm and peaceful state, I was guided into a visualization experience that invokes gratitude that focuses on things that we already have. If we are not grateful of those we have, how could we expect the Universe to give us more?

Unlike the process of intelectual thinking in a normal state of consciousness, this process happens at a deeper level of our mind. If words would describe, I would say that the visualization is alike a dream state, and yet we are totally aware of what’s happening, during this process, the stress and worries are detached. Perhaps the best place to sow the seeds of Law of Attraction is in the deepest part of our mind where it is free from the daily stress and worries.

More than Attracting Abundance…

As with the seeds of any plants, it needs time to grow and bear fruits. Same goes to applying the Law of Attraction in our life. I firmly believe that if the mind is in a constant flux of negative emotion and thoughts, the only thing that we attract are those of similar negative energy. I found this guided meditation serve two very clear purpose for me

  • Relieving stress, achieving a calm and peaceful state of mind in a very short period of time (it’s less than 5 minutes for me).
  • Invoking gratitude in a powerful manner from a deeper part of our mind.

If this makes Law of Attraction works better for me, then I will be very pleased indeed. At the very least, it is one of the most efficient stress-reliever I’ve ever tried. What I know is I’m definitely not seeking any refund. Instead I’m looking towards more of their guided meditation series. If you are feeling stressed, depressed, or need to get out of your cycle of negative thoughts, I would highly recommend Attract Abundance to you.


13 thoughts on “Attract Abundance – Changeworks Hypnosis Review”

  1. Great review of this product, thanks for sharing. This looks like something I will enjoy.
    I am an addict and an alcoholic now 7 years in recovery. I love anything to do with improving the self, especially when it comes to positive thinking.

    Sorry to swear on your website, but have you read Fuck It The Ultimate Spiritual Way?

    That changed my life and it would be an incredible book to add to your website 🙂

    • Hi Lyne,

      My respect to you for not letting your past drag you down.
      I did not have the chance to read the book that you recommended. I will search for it.
      The name does not bother me, in the end, just like people, it is the content that counts.

  2. I have been looking for a guided meditation to help me in my efforts of improving myself. I have been doing my own thing and that has been working to an extent, but I feel like I need some more guidance on the subject.

    Does the product here just come in CD format or can you get the audio file for it?

    • Hi James,

      Attract Abundance comes in digital audio in mp3 format. It does not have a CD format. When I started learning meditation, I used to have a teacher who guided me. Now it’s hard to get one and I found these guided meditation series as we juggled through the constant stress of life.

  3. Hi Kenny Lee

    Great post , meditation and self improvement is something I really am interested in, I am a salesman and sometime need to chill my mind but at the same time train my mind for positive thinking. I also find ChangeWorks Hypnosis Attract Abundance intersting as being a salesman attracting people is something that will no end help me out! Great review I think I am going to give it a shot.
    Thank you 🙂


  4. ChangeWorks Hypnosis Attract Abundance it sounds to feel the need for inner peace and relaxation after a busy day. Relieving the stress that is part of our day to day life and enhancing the gratitude for what we already have in this world where nothing is enough anymore, this can be a welcome addition to our daily schedule. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. Hi Kenny,
    This looks like a great meditation program that incorporates brainwave music, guided meditation, hypnosis, and the law of attraction.
    Are there law of attraction affirmations that are repeated throughout the recording? Also, have you used this product yourself? If so, does it deliver on its promises?
    Thanks for sharing this review.

    • Hi Ian,

      I’ve personally tried out this program recently. After being guided into a relaxing state, it guides us into powerful visualization where we focus on things that we have and be grateful for them. A very powerful way for connecting to the universe in a positive way.

      I would say it definitely work for me as it managed to calm my mind and relieve the stress before going into the visualization to enhance and focus on the attraction itself.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing! As a mother of two very active little ones and working full time this looks like something I could definitely use as a busy mom with no time. My stress level is often times through the roof! Keep us posted on how it continues to work for you!

  7. Kenny, I made a purchase of Attract Abundance. I listened to the mp3 2 times (as soon as I got it). Very relaxing stuff.

    I’m not sure if this is the program I want though. I am not so much interested in “motivational meditation” as much as I just want to relax. Deep, deep, relaxation. Suuuuuper deeeep relaxation.

    • Hi Jeff,

      I’m glad you like Attract Abundance. While the title is about attracting abundance, but I found it to be very calming and relaxing first and foremost. I’m happy that you like it. Thank you.


  8. I have a great belief in the mind as well. I believe it to be very powerful in determining our life destiny. LOA and vibrations work together, you have really clarified that here. I’m always looking for new things to better myself and this is another great tool I may just add.

    • Hi,

      Indeed, our belief will shape our world. It all depends on the level of the energy that we have. I hope you like this. Thanks.



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