Update: Mindvalley’s Becoming Limitless program is now known as Be Extraordinary.

Chances are, you’ve gone through the free Bending Reality masterclass by Vishen Lakhiani of MindValley. You’re intrigued by how Vishen challenged the conventional belief system and how he hinted that the mind has the potential power to alter reality.

But to learn more, you’ll have to part with hundreds of dollars for the full program of Becoming Limitless. You’re full of doubt of whether the Becoming Limitless program works. After all, isn’t there enough programs on manifestation, Law of Attraction, wealth magnet or similar?

That’s exactly what’s on my mind a few months ago when I stumbled on the Bending Reality master-class. After investing in two previous MindValley’s program, I was doubtful if I needed another program.

Like you, I scoured the internet for some genuine review of Mindvalley’s Becoming Limitless, but all I got are templates that are copied and altered from one site to another. They aren’t helpful as none of the articles indicate the personal experience of the writer in completing the course.

But as an enthusiast in personal growth, I took the plunge and bought the program. I’ve tried out the modules twice before writing this review. So, you can expect a glimpse into the programs and my personal experience of working through it. Note that I can’t reveal all the teaching and techniques from Vishen as it would be unfair to other subscribers.

Becoming Limitless by Mindvalley – Review

Becoming Limitless Review

  • Program Name: Becoming Limitless
  • Website: MindValley.com
  • Author: Vishen Lakhiani
  • Price: $399 (formerly $695)
  • Personal Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

MindValley is known for many of its transformational courses. It engaged renowned coaches like Christie Marie Sheldon, Marisa Peers, Sri Kumar Rao, and Jim Kwik to deliver high-value courses. Becoming Limitless, however, is a course designed by none other than the founder of MindValley himself, Vishen Lakhiani.

Becoming Limitless is not your conventional manifestation program or a course that merely allow you to eradicate limiting subconscious beliefs. It is a holistic transformational program derives from Vishen’s experience in building MindValley and overcoming the obstacles along the way.

The program is based around the 4 levels of consciousness framework that is popularized by Vishen Lakhiani. The course is designed to help human beings to operate at the highest level of their consciousness in order to start ‘bending reality’.

While I’m aware that our mind has far more potential than we could grasp, I’m torn between curiosity and skepticism in Vishen’s claim on the mind’s ability to bend reality. As the Becoming Limitless course is backed by a 14-days money-back guarantee, I took the plunge and paid $299 for the course.

What’s Inside Becoming Limitless Program

Becoming Limitless Review

Becoming Limitless is presented in a series of 8 modules made available on Mindvalley’s online learning platform. It can be accessed on the browser or through the Mindvalley app available on iOS and Android.

The core modules of Becoming Limitless are as follow:

  • Module 1: Becoming Limitless
  • Module 2: Total Inner Peace
  • Module 3: Blissipline
  • Module 4: A Vision For Your Future
  • Module 5: Expanding Your Intuition
  • Module 6: Bending Reality
  • Module 7: Merging
  • Module 8: How To Build Companies And Mass Influence

Along with these core modules, you’ll also get a bonus Q&A session and a mini-course on Envisioning Your Perfect Day.

The courses are structured around a training video that averages around 1 hour or more for each module. They are conducted by Vishen himself in a casual setting. You’ll find that the lesson is easy to follow as Vishen has a flair in putting abstract concepts in simple words. He also uses charts, diagrams, and quotes to clarify his ideas during the course.

Besides the video, you’ll have the option to download the audio version of the course. Each module on Becoming Limitless also has a recording on group coaching session, where Vishen takes on questions by the course’s initial batch of students.

There are also useful contents in the ‘resource’ section in each module. Those are videos of other notable speakers and coaches that are referred to by Vishen during the lessons.

My Experience With Becoming Limitless

Becoming Limitless Review

The modules on Becoming Limitless are designed to be an 8-week course. But my curiosity on how it could help me alter reality in my favor makes me rushes through the course in less than 10 days. That’s about going through a module almost on a daily basis.

Also, I was hoping to be convinced that the program is worth what I’ve paid before the 14-days refund period is up.

You may have guessed that I have gladly let Mindvalley keep my money as uncanny transformation starts happening to me, even though I’ve rushed through the modules in matters of days. Convinced that this program is by far the best I’ve enrolled in Mindvalley, I’m going through the modules again in detail hoping to pick up details that I’ve missed.

If you’re hoping to get a glimpse into what’s offered by Becoming Limitless, read on as I relate my experience going through each of the core modules.

Module 1: Becoming Limitless

This module serves as an introductory for deeper lessons, concepts, and techniques that follow in Becoming Limitless. If you’re familiar with the work of Vishen Lakhiani, you’ll find that the module involves popular concepts like ‘Brules’, models of reality, and the State of Flow.

If you’ve read The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen, you’ll be familiar with these concepts.

While it’s true that much of these ideas have been mentioned by Vishen in other media, this introductory module puts together the various concepts and form the fundamental of what follows. Vishen describes why most people couldn’t achieve their goals and highlighted the problems in modern goal-setting methods.

It’s recommended that you go through the entire module 1 as it lays down the foundation and emphasizes what’s involved to create the state of mind that is known to a very few numbers of people in the world.

I find that Vishen’s take on limiting beliefs interesting. He coined the term Brules or bullshit rules to beliefs that don’t support us in our development. It’s fascinating how the mind, empowered with Brules could create realities that reflect the limited potential of what we have in mind. 

Module 2: Total Inner Peace

Module 2 is titled Total Inner Peace, and the first major transformational major technique happens here. In this module, Vishen talks about how important it is for us to relieve ourselves from hurt, anger, grudge, regret and other negative emotions that are holding us back from our full potential.

These ‘hurts’ apparently are apparently rooted in our subconscious mind and affects our thoughts and action. In this module, Vishen introduces a forgiveness exercise that takes place when you’re in the alpha-brainwave.

The alpha-brainwave reflects the state of mind achieved by meditation practitioners or monks after years or decades of practice. Vishen, however, taught a unique technique that enables a person to shift into alpha-brainwave as he or she wishes.

I put the alpha-brainwave immediately into practice and it works beautifully. I was operating in a super-conscious state for the entire day and has my productivity increased by 200%. The only problem is that operating in alpha-wave can be exhausting as the brain is not trained to operate in such mode.

As for the forgiveness exercise, it immediately frees me from some negative feelings that I’ve never thought exist in my system. Perhaps the biggest impact is when I forgave my past mistakes as they had greatly held me back from progressing.

Module 3: Blissipline

Module 3 is dedicated to the art of being happy. Happiness, according to Vishen is an important element in elevating the state of mind of human beings. Vishen made his argument on happiness with studies that suggest improved productivity and health just by being happy.

In the art of Blissipline, Vishen introduces techniques that allow us to increase our happiness at will. He also includes the teaching of other coaches, such as the renowned hypnotherapist Marisa Peers to enable happiness part of our life practice.

Most of the techniques taught in this module are surprisingly simple but proven to be effective.

I am a perfectionist. While I’ve tried to lower my expectations in the past few years, the perfectionist within is a culprit for sapping joy and happiness. I picked up the techniques taught in Blissipline and they help in generating a state of joy to counter my deep dissatisfaction of a perfectionist. 

Picking up the art of Blissipline prevents me from getting frustrated easily. Frustration, as I’ve learned, is the ultimate stumbling block that prevents you from reaching your goals. 

Module 4: A Vision For Your Future

If you’ve had problems achieving your goals, you ought to pay attention to module 4. Vishen explains the problem with conventional goal settings, including popular methods used by most organizations.

In clear and simple terms, you’ll learn how successful people set goals and the important elements that are often overlooked in goal-settings. Within the same framework, you’ll also be taught how to stay unaffected by failures.

The module takes a deeper look into Brules, and how the greats work around it.

I have to admit that I was never fond of setting goals. I feel conventional goals are restrictive and they caused frustration when you missed them. Vishen shed light into why such emotions happen and offer a better way of goal settings.

In a way, his unique method of goal setting is not unfamiliar, as it was also stressed in the famous entrepreneur book, The E-Myth Enterprise.

Module 5: Expanding Your Intuition

Module 5 is where the excitement picks up the pace as Vishen dives into a concept that has been gaining the attention of science in recent years, intuition. He relates his own training on intuition and how he successfully applied the power of intuition in his career.

You’ll also get to know interesting studies that suggest that intuition is more than a background process that most people believe. Intuition, as pointed out by Vishen, is a powerful working of the mind when harnessed and work on regularly.

Towards the end of the module, you’re exposed to a couple of powerful technique to tap into your intuition and have them work in your favor. The techniques are presented in a clear manner and you’ll have no problems applying them immediately.

The intuition-hacking techniques have been particularly useful for me, especially when it comes to making a difficult decision. As claimed by Vishen, I’ll be able to spot obvious answers to my doubts within a short period after working on the techniques. 

Module 6: Bending Reality

In this module, Vishen goes deeper into the concept of consciousness evolution. He presented the states of the human mind and what is needed in order for our mind to start ‘bending reality’. He cited studies, experiences of others and his own on how thoughts can seemingly impact reality.

You’ll also find advanced techniques to be applied into his popular 6-phase meditation which can be found on Youtube. The techniques taught in this method is meant to speed up the process of moving you towards your goals.

If you’ve been practicing creative visualization and have problems in manifesting, you’ll be stunned how most people have been doing it wrong as Vishen offered the right technique that has been bringing him and others consistent results.

What’s taught in this module has helped me greatly, although I may have underused the technique most of the time in my job as a freelance writer. I’ve used the technique taught in this module to overcome writer’s block, especially when it comes to dry topics.

There have been moments where I’ve used this technique to help me overcome indecisiveness when multiple paths are presented in decision making. The technique works when logics failed to show me the best choice.

Module 7: Merging

Module 7 contains a powerful technique that is devised by Vishen and it accelerates the process of shifting reality. Unlike other techniques, ‘merging’ couldn’t be explained clearly in words as it must be experienced individually after you’ve grasped the previous techniques.

Of all the techniques, merging is slightly complicated and abstract. You’ll want to pay attention to Vishen’s instruction. And unless you’ve had trained your mind to a certain extent, you’ll want to be proficient in the previous techniques before going through this lesson.

You’ll also be exposed to techniques by other coaches, such as Christie Marie Sheldon and Joe Vitale, to support your effort to manifest your dreams. A technique called the Lofty Question is introduced and it causes an immediate shift to your mental resistance.

I’ve never had a more powerful mental experience than merging. The process creates assurance and knowing that what I’ve envisioned will happen. It removes any doubt I’ve had in the process.

While it’s still too early to say if I’ll be hitting my goals in 5-years time, I’m seeing opportunities that I believe are nudging me in the right direction. What’s more important is that in one way or other, I’ve managed to avoid bad decisions that would have cause setbacks in my direction.

Module 8: How To Build Companies, Movements, and Mass Influences

If you’re running a company, leading a team or planning a startup, you wouldn’t want to skip this module. Vishen gives an insight into how he built his company and the philosophy he holds to. He also explained the right approach to attract talents that share the same core values of your company.

What you’ll learn in this module are not mere theories, but unconventional systems and models that Mindvalley has incorporated during its inception. The same model has seen Vishen rebuilt Mindvalley when in crisis and propel it forward to the successful company it is today.

Personally, I’ve picked up tons of value from this module, as I once had an electronics business that eventually failed. It gives me insight into where I’ve gone wrong (which is plenty), and a firm framework of what I will do, if I ever started another business again. 

Is Becoming Limitless Worth The Money?

As it turned out, I’ve completed the entire Becoming Limitless course in less than 14 days. I could have requested for a refund if I’ve had any doubt on the program. But the fact that I’ve seen subtle transformations before even completing the course means I’m keeping the program for good.

But is Becoming Limitless a good program for you, as it is for me?

I’ll say yes if you:

  • are disillusioned beliefs shoved upon by others.
  • wanted to be happier.
  • are stuck in a rut in career, relationship, and life.
  • tried countless time but failed in business, job, or relationship.
  • are not impressed by mainstream Law of Attraction techniques.
  • are easily frustrated at failures.
  • are curious about the potential of the mind that science is struggling to keep up with.

I believe there are more reasons to try out Mindvalley’s Becoming Limitless program. But make no mistake. It isn’t a program where you’ll achieve your goals simply by listening to it. The program shapes your mindset, allow you to operate in mental state you’ve never thought possible, increase your possibility of making the right decision and, thus shift reality in your favor.

It gets you in the right direction if you’re willing to do the work.

Here’s how to get Becoming Limitless (Be Extraordinary) at the lowest price.

Either way, I hope you’ve found my review on Mindvalley’s Becoming Limitless helpful.

Have you tried out Becoming Limitless? Did it transform your life? I’ll love to find out more about your experience with the program.