Can You Develop Psychic Abilities With Deep Hypnosis?

Can You Develop Psychic Abilities With Deep Hypnosis?

I’ve got this burning question in my head ever since watching a hypnosis themed performance a month ago by a couple of young talented magicians. I’ve been longing to ask out loud “can you actually develop psychic abilities when you’re in a deep hypnotic state?

Watching a couple of magicians in a deep hypnotic trance and performing mind-reading feats that defy logic, you just can’t help but question what is real and what is part of the tricks. After all, the best deception comes from a single grain of truth.

My profession demands that I only trust scientifically proven data and evidence. Yes, engineers deal with cold hard binary logic.  But more often than not, we forgot that behind profession and glorious titles, we are first and foremost human beings.

Being human is more than conducting studies and experiments. Just because our mind could not grasp what is happening within and science have been slow to take an interest in a particular subject, it doesn’t mean that there is no truth in subjects like hypnosis or psychic abilities.

It is only a matter of time before science could prove what human as so long suspect to be true. Just like meditation, which has been pretty much shrouded in eastern religious myths for centuries.

What Happens In Deep Hypnotic Trance?

Did I mention that one of the magicians actually knocked a nail through his nostril when he’s in a deep hypnotic trance, witnessed by a member of the audience sitting beside him?

Now, I know you’re probably thinking like “the audience is part of the trick“, “the nail is a magic prop“, or “you must be crazy to think it’s real“.

But did you know that hypnosis has been used as an alternative for anesthesia since 1840 in surgeries? Patients are brought to a hypnotic state where they are able to detach themselves from their feelings and sensations.Can You Develop Psychic Abilities With Deep Hypnosis?

In short, they don’t feel pain when a needle pierces through.

That is what I believe the magician is actually going through when he hammered a nail through his nostril. Hypnosis is about altering our mind with subtle hypnotic suggestions by relaxing our mind into a non-defensive state.

While many of you may remain skeptical, it is undeniable that there are still so much with the working of our minds that is beyond our understanding.

And that opens to the possibility of.

Developing Psychic Abilities With Deep Hypnosis

If you think about it, the first thing that hypnosis does is to alter that state of your mind, before it affects our action. Some equaled hypnosis to turning off your analytical left brain. Other’s said it’s putting your conscious mind to sleep.

Whatever it is, hypnosis resulted in an altered state of mind where our senses are enhanced. This definitely opens up the possibility in your mental abilities that you’ve never thought of.

No. I’m not talking about how you could turn into your favorite X-Men character and start manipulating memories or summoning thunderstorm with your mind.

But the possibility of developing telekinesis, divination or other abilities you could find from psychic reader alternatives near to you by exploring parts of our mind we didn’t know existed.

I know that some of you putting your analytical mind in action as you associate the term “psychic abilities” with superhuman powers you watched on TV.

You need to understand that psychic abilities are nothing more than having your senses operating at a higher state. Very much like disabled people who are blind but have an extremely sensitive sense of hearing.

A series of studies have been conducted by a Cornell University social psychologist, Dr. Bem, which concludes that psychics can not only predict past events but can see into the future as well.

A Critical Element In Developing Psychic Power

Can You Develop Psychic Abilities With Deep Hypnosis?

I’m no hypnotist nor do I possess any psychic abilities, though I suspect I do pick up energies in my surrounding easily.

No. I can’t help you to wake any latent psychic power in you. But here’s one thing I found after searching a few articles on developing psychic powers.

You need to have great focus power.

The fact is, you will find it hard to be hypnotized if you can’t focus on the words uttered by the hypnotist. The same applies when you decided to develop a specific psychic ability, according to this article.

A laser-like focused mind could help you achieve more in less time compared to when your thoughts are scattered all over.

Have you ever been in that ‘special zone‘  working on your stuff where you literally lost the sense of time and filter out all distractions automatically? That’s how you produce results that are nothing short of awesome.

You don’t build great focus power in a couple of hours. It takes weeks or months just to rewire your brain to make it less tempted by noises and distractions.

Psychic abilities or not, I’ll say it’s a great idea to start building your focus power right now for a more productive lifestyle.

Over To You.

Have you ever been hypnotized? Or experience any psychic related phenomena? What does it feel like? Share your story with us.

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