Quietude – Deep Relaxing Meditation Music – Review

There is nothing better than ending a busy week with a deep soothing relaxing meditation music. In my previous review, I’ve tried out Clear-Mind and Attract Abundance. These two are guided meditation and hypnosis, where a narrator is guiding the listener into a meditative state.

There are times, where simple, pure, relaxing meditation music is all we need to relax. Even more so, as I’m writing this on a Friday night, especially after an exhausting day juggling work and parenting. And I found this website. They offered quite a variety of downloads. Meditation Music, Binaural Music, Sleep Music, Chakra Music and more. This time, I opted for something plain and simple to try. And this is what I found.

Quietude – Relaxing Meditation Music Review

Relaxing Meditation Music

Product Name : Quietude
Product Type : Relaxing Meditation Music
Format : High-Quality MP3 Audio 
Duration : 60 minutes of Continuous Music
Refund : No
Demo : Yes ( 3 minutes track)
Price : $ 11.95 (Price In Australian Dollar)
Where to buy : www.the-guided-meditation-site.com


Within the Meditation Music category, there are more than 10 different products. The good thing is, there are previews available for each of them. As I listened to snippets of relaxing meditation music of various theme, Quietude really made me just want to drop all these writing and just snap into relax mode.

Quietude brings your mind to a quiet part of a tropical forest. Tranquil, serene and drifting into pure deep relaxation. The combination of electric piano and flute provides such harmony that it calms and soothes away the stress and weariness of the day. It engulfs you into a deep feeling of comfort and safety.

Of course, you would probably like to try out other download themes to check out your preferences. For me, I personally like Ascension, Letting Go, The Essence Of Peace, and their latest theme The Shaman. Just remember to try it out on your headphones for the best effect. And if the relaxation is not deep enough to your liking, you can check out their binaural music, which uses binaural technology that enhances your relaxation experience.

Pros and Cons

The Cons : Let’s start with the Cons first. Do not listen to Quietude or other relaxing meditation music on their site if you are trying to get any serious work done( or if you are trying to get a review write-up done like this). It will pull you straight into relaxation mode. Say goodbye to productivity.

Another reason to fully try out their preview to your satisfaction is that they do not offer any refunds. In the case of a faulty download, they will replace accordingly.

The Pros : Here’s why it’s worth to check out the previews, and probably download a few of them.

  • Profound deep relaxation of mind and body
  • Decrease sleep problems or insomnia
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Cultivate peacefulness and joy.

Who Should Listen To Relaxing Meditation Music

The simple answer is people who want to find relaxation. Well, it doesn’t matter who you are, what’s your job, nationality or language. Relaxing meditation music is universal. So are stress, anxiety, worries and a dozen other daily problems that you would like to be relieved off. And if you want nothing but pure, deep relaxation music, feel free to try it out.

Price, is it worth downloading?

For $11.95 (Australian Dollar) per download, and with the level of relaxation it gives you, I would say YES. Considering it is a one-time payment that you could use daily or when you see fit to. But if you would like further saving in term of cost or prefer any specific nature of relaxation, you could consider their Bundled Package which saved your more :

  • Deep Relaxation Music Bundle (6 Downloads, $34.95, Save 51%)
  • Spiritual Connection Music Bundle (5 Downloads, $29.95, Save 48%)
  • Deep Healing Music Bundle (5 Downloads, $29.95, Save 48%)
  • Rest and Sleep Music Bundle  (5 Downloads, $29.95, Save 48%)
  • Brainwave Bliss Music Bundle (5 Downloads, $69.95, Save 50%)
  • Master Collection Music Bundle (21 Downloads, $97.95, Save 60%)

My Final Opinion

These are Relaxation Meditation Music at its very best. But then again, that’s my opinion. I would prefer for you to preview and listen to yourself. If indeed it brings relaxation to you or if it relieves you of your stress, especially after a busy day. Here’s the link to deep, soothing relaxation music. Let me know of your experience at the comment section.

26 thoughts on “Quietude – Deep Relaxing Meditation Music – Review”

  1. I never thought of soothing meditation but I will have to try something. My stress levels are off the chart and my doctor is concerned. I grateful for finding this website. Thank you for this information.

    • Hi Chris,

      I hope you would get some stress off your mind, even if by only listening to the preview. Stress at an extreme level is definitely unhealthy for the mind and body.


  2. Hi, I have never listened to relaxation music before. I listened to these previews, and see that it really is very soothing. I liked Quietude, but enjoyed Adrift.

    Thank you for your post – Allowed me to experience this.

    • Hi Marie,

      Yes, I believe they each are designed and compose to be unique. It’s a good thing that they have previews as each individual may response to a different level of relaxation with different themes. Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you.


  3. It is definitely worth a try listing to music to relax after a hectic week. Working in an office sounds boring and sometimes it is indeed but running around like crazy day in day out to get work done, chasing people can make you exhausted and the evenings and the weekends are to relax, listening to music definitely will help.

    • Hi,

      Yes, after all the running around, the stress of multiple deadlines, you just need to get some peace of mind. Yes music definitely helps. Especially those that soothe and calm the mind.


  4. I love this and am definitely going to give it a try. Often times when I am stressed I listen to relaxation music on YouTube. However, listening on YouTube definitely does have it’s drawback when trying to relax, such as loud/obnoxious ads, jumping to a new video, etc. I have been really getting in to meditation lately and am excited to have found your page. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Hi,

      I used to listen to relaxation on YouTube, but as you said, it has its inconveniences. Do try it out and see if you enjoy it.


  5. Will be checking these out.. I live in Perth (Hot weather) but am originally from NZ (bbrrrrr cold) …we had a long stint of summer here and i found myself falling asleep to a download of Rain on a Rooftop… Was the best sleep i’d had in awhile.. Now i’m addicted to soothing music at bedtime.. Its glorious really :))

    • Hi,

      Hope it will be as soothing as the music that you are used to. It is said that getting our mood positive 10 minutes before our sleep is important. I’m glad you found a way to do that.


  6. Great post! I have listened to meditation/relaxing tracks on YouTube and Google Play; I recommend them to anyone wanting to relax. I shall have a listen to the demo. Thanks!

  7. Great review Kenny.

    I have had trouble falling asleep for a long time now, mainly because it takes me a long time to start relaxing.

    I have never even thought of music being good way to relax. Always thought that it would just make me less relax. Obviously that’s because I haven’t thought of meditation music.

    I will definitely try it out and get back to you.

    • Hi Marcus,

      Certain music does indeed make you stress for it brings your energy to a non-relaxed state. But these kind of meditation music, it calms and slow your thoughts and steady your heartbeats. Hope you enjoy it.


  8. Hi, you say that $11.95 per download is a good price. But you must know that there are cd’s of classical composers, that are well below this price. I have a huge collection so I know it. So these guys do not make cd’s, do not distribute items into shops etc., but they charge a lot. How come there is no peace of this music to listen, to see what it is about? A bit disapointed.

    • Hi Jovo,

      Your comment is much appreciated. I know there are definitely other songs or works of composers that goes below the price. I’m definitely not against any method of relaxing the mind as each of us has our specific preference.

      The music is composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, an associate member of the Australian Music Therapy Association. He is best known for his work as a composer and producer for meditation and hypnosis music.

      There are in samples of the music available at their website. If you would like to listen to a longer one, you can go to their website Royalty Free Meditation Music where they offer preview up to 15 minutes of their music.

      I would not suggest downloading at Royalty Free Meditation Music as the download here is more costly because it allow the reuse of the music for commercial purpose. For the best saving, it’s best to download at The Guided Meditation Site.


  9. Hey there, great review on one of my favourite subjects – Meditation! It is extremely valuable for me because I use to meditate quite often during the day – however without music. I am meditating all by myself and by adding music – it will ramp up my meditation, and help me to reach that deep, intimate state. I loved your article, I will check for more information the sources you’ve provided and it is a great information. Thanks.

    • Hi Alexey,

      Thanks for checking it up. I practice meditation too occasionally. Some are mindfulness meditation which I did without music as well. But sometimes I do guided meditation with the soothing music on the background. Totally different experience. I hope you like it.


  10. I have never tried listening to relaxing meditation music, but its seems that it will help me get to sleep faster since it always takes me 1 hour or sometimes even 1 and a half hours to fall alseep so i’m gonna try it out. The only types of music I listen to is hip-hop and rap ahah.

    • Hi Andrew

      Different type of musics resonates different energy. To calm the mind to sleep, we need to bring our mind energy to resonate at a certain frequency. Hope meditation music helps you.


  11. Hi there,

    This is exactly what I needed! I have always had difficulty relaxing and falling asleep and I think it’s time to try meditation music! I really believe it’s the way to go!

    Sometimes the pressures of work and life can get overwhelming, so you need to find a way to unwind! More and more people are using the powers of meditation and mindfulness because it does work!

    I’ve heard of binaural music, it’s something I’d like to look into a bit more because I don’t know much about it.

    Thanks so much for all the information you’ve provided, it’s very helpful!

    • Hi Anna,

      Do check out the free preview available on the site. And if you are listening to binaural music, do use a headphone for the best effect. Hope you get a blissful sleep.


  12. Hello there
    I need to remember to use my meditation music, that’s my main problem lately that I am so busy looking through my sites that I just don’t switch off from it mentally and then it goes around my mind until the next day and I start all over again tweaking my websites.
    I quite like the Binaural beats but combined along with music otherwise I find it hard to listen to.
    Usually when I listen to a long relaxation music recording I fall asleep even If I was standing up I think I still would, but it is a very nice way to go to sleep.
    Now I have seen your website, it has reminded me to try and relax once a day would be ideal.
    I actually started listening to this sort of relaxation music when I was gifted an aromatherapy massage and this beautiful relaxing music was tinkling away in the background.
    It made the whole experience so much better.
    Really nice site and I will be coming back to visit it again soon.

    • Hi Andrea,

      Falling asleep standing up shows how much relaxed you are after listening to relaxation music. I think many would be satisfied with just a good night sleep, standing up or not.
      Thank you for sharing your experience with relaxing meditation music with us.


  13. Thanks for an informative article Kenny.

    I have fairly recently got into doing more meditation, often before or after a yoga practice. I have often wanted some relaxing music to accompany me but have always struggled to find quite the right thing and that’s to my taste!

    Thanks for your recommendations, I will check them out 🙂


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