Important rule : When Life Gets Crazy, You Don’t Follow. And life definitely does get a little bit crazy sometimes. Wouldn’t you agree? At times, it even goes down to pure insanity. Have you had your life turned into living hell?

Well, I had. Sometimes by our own foolishness, but sometimes we could only scream unfairness (although there’s always a great lesson to be learned in the end). Bless you, if your life has been smooth so far. But if you have had lemonades, sour grapes, or rotten eggs thrown all over at you by this thing called ‘life’, then hats off for your effort to stay afloat of all these madness.When Life Gets Crazy

What’s the one worse thing than having to juggle through all the problems and setbacks, as we keep on asking ourselves “Will this get better?“. I’ll tell you what’s worse. It’s having some motivational quotes appearing all over your social media telling you to “Dance in the Storm“, “It’s How You React To Situation That Matters” or “You Can Choose To Be Happy“. Or have some of your well-meaning friends stuffing positivity in your throat. I mean with all the problems that we are in, do we need all that stuff?? Seriously??

YES!!, Because When Life Gets Crazy, You MUST Stay Sane

And as I found out way much later, participating in the blame game, or wallowing in self-pity doesn’t help. In fact, it does nothing than to breed more negativity and it keeps the never-ending chaos in our life. It has to stop eventually and guess what. No one is going to stop all the chaos except us. Here’s what I do to put a stop to all those madness, I choose to accept positivity. I decided to be positive.

One fine day amidst all the doom and gloom, I forced myself to smile. And guess what happened? It triggered some emotional memory ( I do not really know if it’s the correct term). And I remembered what it is like to feel positive again. The smile spreads inward and eventually reaching the heart and the mind.  And in the end, the smile is no longer forced, but a genuine one, drawing its abundance of positive energy from the heart.

When Life Gets Crazy

Sounds unbelievable? Well, I would too if I have not experienced it myself.

And in that one moment, I felt light again. I know I’m not in denial, for I am still aware of all the problems (irreversible or not) that awaits me. For all the talk about Happiness Is Within Us, they forgot to let us know that there is a trick to bring it out. Smiling is the magic trick. 

One good friend of mine told me it is possible to face all the problems with a happy heart and a smile on my face. I did not believe then. But now I do.

Smile At Life and Life Will Smile Back At You.

But you have to get the ball rolling first. You have to decide to be positive amidst all the problems you are in. And, worrying doesn’t change a thing. do they? You have to tell yourself “Yes, I have tons of problem, but guess what, I decided to be happy“.Remember, when life gets crazy, you don’t have to follow suit.

So, does my smile and being happy melts my problems away?  NO. But it frees my mind from being overwhelmed by the problems. It is not the sun melting off the thunderstorms. It is like the sun moving above the thunderstorms.

Remember, you are not out of the bushes yet. And it is very important to keep the positive energy level up. When you are able to smile and have a positive mindset despite all the problems you are in, then it is the right time for motivational quotes or books to keep your momentum going.

When Life Gets Crazy

One fantastic book on happiness, which I personally read and enjoyed when I was trying to keep my positive momentum going is Happiness Now, by Andrew Matthews. It points out simple things in life that we repeatedly do, and we are not aware that they are making us unhappy in the process. Remember, when life gets crazy, don’t follow suit.

What do you do to snap out of your negative spells when you have your life turned upside down? Share with me in the comments section below.

(My very first book of Andrew Matthews is Follow Your Heart, which I read almost 20 years back).