How To Increase Your Brain Energy (7 Ways That Work)

Gone were the days where you could mentally organize dozens of tasks and ensure that they are executed perfectly. With age, you found that your brain energy suffers a gradual decline, similar to how your body complaints if it’s put to strenuous physical tasks.

For most of us, living with a constant low level of brain energy has become a routine. You woke up in the morning without the usual zest. You’re hoping for the day to be uneventful because deep inside, you’re not sure if you have the mental stamina to deal with surprises anymore.

If you’re feeling drained, exhausted and empty, you’re not alone. It happens to anyone, although those who are burdened with responsibilities and age tend to have a lower energy level. But what I can tell you is, there are ways to increase your brain energy and ensure you’re in the best of form each day.

7 Effective Ways To Increase Your Brain Energy

There are days where I would wake up feeling drained as if I’ve never slept at all. Juggling parenting, work, house chores, and occasionally rude surprises deplete my mental stamina at the end of the day. I realized how important it is to increase my brain energy to juggle with everything that is thrown to me.

Here are 7 tips that I’ve actually practiced and they simply work.

1. Exercise

How To Increase Your Brain Energy
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Are you guilty of missing regular routines of exercise and have a growing waistline to show for it? If you’re thinking of skipping an hour of work out daily so you could be more productive, you’ve made a big mistake.

Forsaking workout leads to a weaker physical body and this eventually affects your mind. In short, you’ll have lesser mental stamina when your body is not getting its required workout. I’ve once gone through a stretch of 6 months without working out and it seriously took a toll of both my physical health and mental stamina.

If you’re getting frequent mental exhaustion, take a break from what you’re doing and hit the gym. You’ll feel the difference in your focus and energy level as you sweat it out. Besides, exercising also releases dopamine, which makes you feel good and also enhances concentration.

 2. Eat Right

I was once guilty as a glutton, taking in everything that comes in my way. As I become more aware of my mind and energy, I realized that certain foods contribute to the dip in mental energy. For instance, a cup of caffeine-laden espresso will do enough damage and ensure a clouded mind for the entire day.

Your gut is close to your brain than you imagined and you’ll need to pay attention to what you consume. If you’ve been experiencing frequent episodes of brain fog, you may want to inspect your diet. Certain foods that contain gluten, MSG, and artificial sweeteners can cause mental fatigue.

Instead, I make sure that I take foods that promote cognitive function, such as salmon, and broccoli a few times a week to ensure that I’m mentally sharp. And I couldn’t resist mentioning chia seeds, a brain superfood that I turned to when I’m in desperate need for a mental boost.

3. Meditate

How often are you distracted as your thoughts wander when you’re trying to focus on a piece of work? Chances are, you’ve lost count after a dozen because that’s the nature of our untrained mind. Our mind is constantly in flux and it seems to have a life on its own.

But when you have limited brain energy to spare, you’ll want to spend more time focusing on productive tasks. This means lesser time for daydreaming and a wandering mind. And to achieve that, you’ll want to start meditating.

Mindfulness meditation is more than observing your breathing. It is, in fact, a practice that condition your mind to be more focus. It’s like putting your mind to work out in the gym and when you keep it up, you grow in brain energy and focus.

You can start learning meditation on your own. I’ve written a detailed guide about it. Or check out some of these meditation apps that you can download on your mobile.

4. Positive Thinking Works

Wait. You’re mentally exhausted to the core and someone is preaching to you about positive thinking? Well, surprisingly yes. Positive thinking, motivational video, self-affirmation or related techniques work in boosting your brain energy.

When you’re tired, your mind may shift to negativity. You will start seeing problems instead of opportunities, and despairs instead of hopes. This would go on in a spiral where the negative thoughts drained more of your energy and it became a cycle that never ends.

A great way to break that cycle and boost your brain energy is to check out some motivational videos on Youtube. Or reflect on certain positive quotes. Here’s my favorite motivational video to push me on when I felt I’ve nothing more to offer.

I hope it charges your energy as it does on mine.

5. Sleep

You’ve read some article about how successful people sleep an average of 5 hours or lesser. You’ve tried that and you found that your productivity declines because you’re struggling to break through the brain fog.

Stop letting others dictate your sleep routine. Every individual has a different sleeping habit to ensure their rejuvenated the next morning. If it means taking a full 8 hours of sleep, so be it. Stick to what works for you and you’ll find that your brain power is at its max.

But if you’re struggling with insomnia, getting quality sleep can be a problem. And without a well-rested night, you won’t be at your best the next day. I’ll suggest taking herbal bedtime tea and let the natural compound relaxes your mind for sleep.

6. Massage

How To Increase Your Brain Energy
Image by sonja_paetow from Pixabay

I’ve never really understood the healing power of massage until I suffer chronic back pain. I was introduced to a chiropractor who seems to work wonder on my back and mind. After a session of chiropractic massage, the pain was greatly reduced and my mind gets sharper.

There are other forms of massage techniques besides chiropractic that you could try. The science behind massage is the kneading and rubbing of muscles promote blood circulation, relaxation and release of endorphin which lifts up your mood.

Getting a massage done by a professional massage therapist helps to relieve stress, which is often a factor in draining your brain energy. It’s alright to be skeptical if you’ve never tried massage therapy. You will be a believer once you’ve gained mental clarity after a brief session.

7. Natural Supplements

When you’re living a high-paced lifestyle, you’ll need every ounce of brain energy you could get. I have to admit that there are times where it’s impossible to work out or meditate consistently. There are times where sleep just remain elusive as stress builds up.

In recent years, I’ve decided to break my stubborn streak of not relying on supplements to actually embracing it. Of course, I ensure that I’m only taking supplements derived from organic and natural ingredients. Equally important is the supplement has to be effective in boosting my mental energy.

I wouldn’t want to be promoting any brands here, but if you’re interested in knowing how it goes for me after taking a brain-boosting supplement, check out this review. It delivers the extra punch I need to pummel through stress.

Bottom Line

It’s foolish to assume that you’ll always be at the top of your game when it comes to learning, memory, and focus. Your brain energy does decline in some circumstances and it affects your cognitive ability. With that said, you can take charge in stopping the drop and recharging your brain energy and I hope these tips have been helpful towards that purpose.

Are you struggling with low mental energy? Do you have other methods that are effective? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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