Therapeutic Benefits Of Weighted Blankets For Anxiety

Therapeutic Benefits Of Weighted Blankets For Anxiety

A warm strong hug is often a great remedy to silence the anxious thoughts when you’re trying to fall asleep. The reality is it is awfully difficult for your loved ones to hug your anxiety away, even if they do wish to. This is where you may find a weighted blanket a perfect companion and remedy for sleepless nights.

There are truths to the often claimed therapeutic benefits of weighted blankets. In fact, weighted blankets have been used by doctors for years for mental care before they became mainstream. It gained wide publicity when a KickStarted funded company, launches Gravity Blanket for mass consumers.

The Science Of Weighted Blankets

You may come across various remedies for anxiety that is pretty much based on inconclusive studies or placebo effect. Not so with the weighted blanket. The weighted blanket is a blanket that weights more than your ordinary blanket.

While various manufacturers claimed to have the perfect formula, weighted blankets are typically made to be 8% – 10% of your body weight. A person weighing 120 lbs will require a weighted blanket of 12 lbs to have the best therapeutic benefits.

The science of the weighted blankets is pretty simple. The inner layer of the blankets is filled with materials like poly-pellets or glass beads to deliver deep touch pressure to your body. This is the same type of sensation you feel when you’re being hugged, squeezed or cuddled.

When your body experiences deep touch pressure, your brain will release serotonin and dopamine, which create a calm and undisturbed mental state. Using a weighted blanket produces the same pleasant effect of being hugged.

How Weighted Blanket Helps With Anxiety

When you’re struggling with anxiety, your mind will be full of negative thoughts. These thoughts usually became louder when you’re alone or mentally tired. It’s not uncommon for people with anxiety to struggle with falling asleep.

Using weighted blanket produces calming hormone and helps people with anxiety to fall asleep easier. Not only that, using weighted blanket allows you to enjoy deeper and uninterrupted sleep. If you’ve been struggling with sleep disorders, you’ll know how precious that is.

There is no marketing hype involved in the benefits of weighted blankets. A study conducted by clinical experts has shown 63% of adults experience a reduction in anxiety after using a 30 lb weighted blanket. Another study published in SciMedCentral concludes that weighted blanket helps people with insomnia to have better sleep.

With enough rest at night, you’ll have a fresher mind in the morning and that also means more positive energy to ward off the anxious thoughts. It is one of the best ways to beat off anxiety when you’re asleep.

Is A Weighted Blanket Alone Sufficient To Overcome Anxiety?

Therapeutic Benefits Of Weighted Blankets For Anxiety

It will be far-fetched to claim weighted blankets to be a cure for long-lasting anxiety. Mental disorders of any kind are complicated and require a combination of a few methods to manage. But it’s safe to claim that weighted blanket is one of the best companions to have to manage your anxiety at night.

To truly keep anxiety under control, you may need other forms of therapies and a healthy diet. For instance, regular workout ensures the release of endorphins to keep you positive. Taking omega 3 supplements also helps in maintaining your mental health.

The bottom line is, a weighted blanket is not a miracle cure for your anxiety. But it greatly helps when you have trouble falling asleep. It loosens the grip of anxiety by reducing stress hormone and increasing happy hormones.

The Risks Of Using Weighted Blanket

While weighted blankets are claimed to be equally effective for kids, you’ll want to be very careful. For instance, weighted blankets are to be avoided for toddlers 2 years and below. For toddlers of other age range, you may want to start with a 5-pound blanket and keep in mind that it should never exceed 10% of their body weight.

At all time, you should never use an adult-sized weighted blanket on a toddler. This could be potentially dangerous for them. You should follow closely on the recommendations provided by the manufacturers.

As long as you’re using weighed blanket accordingly, such as choosing the right size and weight, you’ll enjoy the full therapeutic benefits of the weighted blanket. If you’re wondering which brands of the weighted blanket are great to have, check out this list of the top-rated weighted blankets.

Do you struggle with insomnia? Do you get better sleep with weighted blankets? Share your thoughts in the comment below.




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