Taming Your Anger

Ever experienced the white-hot flame of anger surging up over some hurtful disrespecting remarks made by someone close to you? How about hurling back equally poisonous and stinging insults that cut deep through their heart in your fit of anger? And what happened when the rage of madness subsides? Those urge of retaliation, just evaporated, … Read more Taming Your Anger

How To Calm Your Mind From Stress

Our mind is so powerful and yet so little control we had of it, that most of our unfounded fears and stress originate from it. If you doubt this, the next time when you feel stressed about something, just slow your thoughts down and gently inspect the trail of your thoughts. You would find that … Read more How To Calm Your Mind From Stress

Are You Living The Life You Choose

Or are you living based on someone’s expectation of what your life should be? The majority of us would happily live a life that has been paved out by our parents and society without questioning much of it. We are often afraid to disappoint the expectation of our parents and dare not stray too far … Read more Are You Living The Life You Choose